We offer a range of first-party, national billing, collection and management services in the medical industry. The strategies of our services are crafted and customized to exceed our clients’ standards. When keeping up might be difficult, we maintain innovative ways in keeping your medical business afloat in a fast paced environment.

On average, business practices and doctors lose around a fourth of every dollar, which is usually caused by insufficient billing, collection and financial management processes. When managed properly and strategically, these procedures can contribute to a 25% cash flow increase. Our medical billing and collection services can help save on fixed costs and help avoid any unnecessary losses. Our highly trained dedicated account representatives follow HIPAA and HITECH guidelines, while specializing in providing positive experiences and assisting patients with the medical billing and collection process.

Our Services

Our foremost priority is to place new systems and strategies, and assist with the financial and management aspects of your business practice. These services are provided to save you both time and money. The following lists most of what our company offers, and what services we can provide you with.

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services has been successfully collecting delinquent accounts for private practices and hospitals for over a decade. We understand the sensitive nature of debt collections and the impact of delinquent accounts can have on your company.

Our recommended collections process focuses on recovering delinquent balances left by patients, while avoiding any damage to your professional reputation that could cut into profits or drive away patients.

We also provide detailed reports and statement. Reporting and analysis is a critical part in maintaining a successful and profitable medical practice. We provide our clients with detailed, monthly reports. Our company has already developed a wide variety of custom analytic & systematic reports.

Medical practices should always strive to operate at its highest potential. This includes all things financial, which is why our company provides bookkeeping services to keep all financial affairs in order.

Our payroll management specialists assist new practitioners and established medical practices by providing payroll services and financial solutions.

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services keep finances up-to-date while also managing clientele. This is a time consuming task that is absolutely necessary to keep both you and your staff up to date in terms of payments. We find the right strategies necessary to keep your business running smoothly and to help you avoid late or missed payments.

Sometimes in the medical profession, focusing on the service you’re offering limits the time you would need to schedule appointments and follow-ups. We will keep your appointments intact, while we commit to being a reliable medical billing and collection agency.

Many healthcare providers have limited resources to manage the large volume of unpaid insurance claims, while obtaining reimbursement can be a very long process.

Using a systematic approach for each claim, we identify problem accounts, obtain any information needed for processing, and streamline the entire insurance reimbursement process so your business will have access to this revenue more quickly and efficiently. Upon the initial billing of the insurance payer, our dedicated account executives will follow-up with each insurance account to ensure the full payment is received.

We offer both electronic and print services.

This is one way you can remain compliant and establish better relationships with insurance companies. We manage your enrollment with insurance companies which can facilitate the growth of your clientele.

Our staff is highly trained when it comes to medical coding. This makes understanding charts in terms of insurance claims much easier. Reports are accurate, allowing the incoming payments to flow without delay. If you need to ensure that your business saves money while collecting debt owed or to keep your accounts up-to-date. We have had years of experience and are committed to each and every one of our clients. This service also provides a consultation and training option. 

We are able to verify eligibility and obtain valuable information. We can facilitate the entire claim filing process from your CRM or patient accounting system by decreasing claim denials and bad debt, increasing insurance collections, and avoiding costly manual verification while improving workflow efficiency.

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services actively monitors payment arrangements ensuring complete account resolution. A reminder statement with a secure return envelope is mailed prior to each monthly payment. Our processing system identifies the account for prompt follow-up in the event a payment is missed. Follow-up letters and telephone calls are automatically scheduled to promptly secure the missed payment.

Collection letters, telephone contacts or a combination of both can be custom tailored for the desired effect to stimulate payments directly to your facility.

Risk management is a valuable asset that follows HIPAA guidelines and saves money while strengthening patient relationships. We help provide this with our data safety, well-versed regulations and much more.

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