Bookkeeping: Payroll & Accounting

Bookkeeping: Payroll & Accounting

Whether you are just starting your practice or are a seasoned medical provider, your practice is designed to treat patients and provide medical services to the community. Spending time focused on the accounting and financial processes involved in running your practice is better left to accounting experts who can handle all of this for you.

With Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc., we can handle all your medical billing, collections, payables, reconciliations and general ledger entries electronically for you. This makes it easy for you to review and our experts promise to increase your cash return in the process.


Practice Management Payroll Services

Whether you are a new employer or a seasoned medical facility, our payroll specialists will assist you through the sign up process. We'll help you determine your payroll needs, walk you through the enrollment process, and provide payroll support when needed.

All you have to do is send us your employee payroll information and we'll do the rest, at 10% less than your present payroll service!

Practice Management Payroll Services offers everything you expect with your payroll processing! We calculate employee withholdings, file and deposit your federal, state payroll, and local taxes, and even send your quarterly and annual tax forms to the proper taxing authorities for you. You’ll never have to worry about time-consuming payroll tasks or tedious paperwork!


Our Practice Management Payroll Services Offer:

  • Tax Form Preparation & Reporting
    • Full compliance with tax rules and rates
    • W-2 processing
    • All federal, state, and local tax deposits
    • All federal, state, and local payroll tax returns remitted for you
    • Communication management with taxing authorities
  • Tax Adjustments: Sick Time, Outside Office Work, Etc.
  • Social Security Review
  • Payroll Deductions: Health, Pension, SEP, IRA, Charitable, Garnishments
  • Direct Deposit Payroll or Securely Ship Payroll Checks


Penalty Free Guarantee

Never chance payroll deposit and filing penalties. With Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc., you are guaranteed accurate, timely deposits and filings with federal, state and local agencies or we'll pay the resulting payroll tax penalties for you!

We back our promise as long as the information you provide us is on time, complete, and accurate.


Aging & Collecting Receivables

Medical practices lose thousands of dollars every year from outstanding accounts that have never been paid. It’s important you get paid for your services.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. will actively work on generating payments from accounts that remain outstanding and require swift payment.

We will closely review and monitor your accounts receivables and ensure regular medical billing and correspondence is sent, monitored, and maintained to bring in the balance on aging receivables.


Bank Balance & Petty Cash Reconciliation

Bank and petty cash reconciliation is critical for a growing practice. If your practice regularly accepts checks or cash from patients, you need to accurately track any incoming funds and keep track of these small purchases.

Balancing your bank account and petty cash drawer helps to locate any bookkeeping errors and prevents any irregularities, such as employee theft. With Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc., we will ensure you receive clear account statements at the end of every month, and identify any unusual activity immediately.


Additional Bookkeeping Services

We also will handle the following services for you and your medical practice, including:

  • Setting up and producing invoices
  • Providing business checks and payments directly to your desktop
  • Input journal entries to your Peachtree ledger
  • Categorize expenses for quick read
  • Apply payments for business maintenance