Practice Management & Electronic Medical Records Management

Practice Management & Electronic Medical Records Management

Keep your practice growing and increase your return on investment with a practice management strategy with experienced professionals in the medical and billing collections service. Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. provides everything you need to successfully manage your private practice or group medical facility.

From financial management and insurance credentialing to managing your patient scheduling and insurance verification, we are here to provide you with the tools and advice you need to assist in the establishment and growth of your practice.

Conversion of Paper Files (FREE)

Move your paper files to digital Electronic Medical Records or EMRs and streamline your organization's ability to store, access, and manage documents completely free! As part of our service to you, we will convert your paper files into EMRs that are completely complaint with state and federal regulations.

Moving all your patients’ files to Electronic Medical Records will benefit your practice by allowing you to track information over time and see it in minutes instead of hours or days. EMRs allow you to monitor patients’ results against normal parameters for quick on-the-spot consultation.

Electronic Medical Records give you the ability to

  • easily identify patients who are ready to be scheduled for a preventive visit or screening,
  • enhance patient relations, and
  • bring in more cash flow.

Review of Processes

The smooth and ongoing operation of any successful medical practice is key to meeting its current and future goals. As a client of Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc., we will review your daily procedures and processes to see if any improvements can be made to increase your office’s efficiencies.

From payroll, medical billing and collections to patient scheduling and follow-up, our professionals will review how your office personnel and systems work to improve practice management procedures.

Evaluation of Software/Software Needs

Since medical billing and collections are our business, we keep updated with the latest medical software advancements available to keep a practice running smoothly and efficiently.

With ICD-9 codes, ICD-10 codes, and CPT codes taxing medical office staff, it is important to know where to find simple updates in medical billing and coding, appointment management, patient scheduling, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in order to make the process easier and time effective.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. can provide an evaluation of your current software and make recommendations for a better solution.