Insurance and Facility Credentialing

Insurance and Facility Credentialing

Grow your practice and make it more profitable by adding to your insurance and facility credentialing.

At Dr.’s Billing & Collections Service, Inc., we can help increase your patient base by managing your insurance enrollment and maintaining your insurance credentials to ensure you are always in compliance.

Let us help you increase your revenue by re-negotiating your present insurance contract, and/or adding you as a participating provider with insurance companies.

With our service, we will review and verify the following:

  • Current professional license(s)
  • Current Drug Enforcement Administration and Controlled Drug Substance Certificates
  • Verification of Education
  • Post-graduate Training
  • Hospital Staff Privileges
  • Levels of Liability Insurance

Our credentialing experts will manage the entire paperwork process, including new insurance enrollments as well as annual or biannual renewal requests so your insurance credentials always are consistent, accurate and ensure you are always in good standing.

Besides insurers, we also will keep your credentials up-to-date with local facilities and hospitals for you year-after-year so you never have to bother with registration forms or deadlines.

How Insurance Credentialing Increases Revenue

For physicians, credentialing is a necessity in order to participate in managed care plans. Managed care organizations such as health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and physician hospital organizations (PHOs) must successfully select and retain qualified health care providers who will provide quality services to their subscribers.

This process of selection and retention is known as credentialing. Credentialing is the process of review and verification of the Information of a health care provider who is interested in participating with a managed care organization (MCO). 

Professional Credentialing Services

Years of experience collaborating with insurance companies gives our insurance credentialing experts an advantage when working to get you and your practice credentialized. We understand what the insurance companies require and the time frame they need to get a practice firmly approved.

Attention to detail, persistence, and regular contact with insurance companies is just one part of the techniques used to get our clients approved more quickly than most in-house insurance staff.

Benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Information Security: Your private background information will be kept safe and secure for credentialing and verification purposes.
  • Accurate Designation: Proper insurance designation from each insurance company is guaranteed for your specific qualifications.
  • Timely Submission: Provider enrollment will be expedited for faster patient approval and payment for services.
  • Credentials Management: By keeping your credentials current with insurers and hospitals you can rely on a steady revenue stream.

Who We Service

Customized for any size specialty or practice, we work with individual healthcare professionals, practices, and large organizations to manage their professional credentialing.  

Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. will keep your enrollment and credentialing up-to-date so you can focus on what matters most – your patients, practice, and providing the best in healthcare services.