Medical Billing & Collections

Medical Billing & Collections

Save your practice thousands of dollars in medical billing and collections with Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. 

With more than 20 years of experience, our medical billing and collections department guarantees to improve your practice’s cash flow. At Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc. will follow through with your medical billing claims to ensure reimbursement for services is received.

Medical billing claims will be sent directly to Florida Medicare, Florida Medicaid and Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. Florida Medicaid payments will be made in 7 days, while Florida Medicare payments can be expected in 14 days.

Our skilled professionals are adept at handling the collections side of medical billing to ensure quick, complete payments are agreed upon and received with your reputation intact.

Personalized Service

With a dedicated account manager assigned to every client, you will receive personalized service that includes up-to-date reports on all your medical billing accounts and collections. 

Overhead Savings

As valuable as you time is, it is important that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Hiring and managing staff members to take care of your medical billing and collections is time consuming, inconsistent, and costly.  

Additionally, investing in a software program that promises to handle your medical billing requires someone spend time learning how to use it as well as keep it up to date.   

Why not save on your operating costs with a service that guarantees consistent cash flow. With Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc., all your medical billing and collections are taken care of for you!

Guaranteed Benefits

All our clients are promised an unconditional guarantee that we will collect more than their prior services and if not, our service is free!

Other facts and benefits offered exclusively with Dr.’s Billing & Collections Services, Inc.:

  • Claim Submissions: Over 97% of claims submitted for medical billing and collections will be completed successfully.
  • Consistent Follow-ups: 15 to 30 day follow-ups will be made on claims not paid after the initial billing.
  • Confirmed Billing: Both electronic and postal billing is used, when necessary.
  • Record Reports: Incoming payments will be posted on patient accounts for transparency, accuracy, and compliance.
  • Claim Negotiations: Claim denials will be negotiated in order to secure the best payment possible.