Appointment Setting and Insurance Verification

Appointment Setting and Insurance Verification

Managing schedules and patient appointments along with call reminders can cost your practice thousands of dollars every year. With the volume of patient calls and visits increasing every day, it is difficult for any practice to efficiently manage and service patients.

Accurate Scheduling

At Dr.’s Billing & Collections, Inc., we can improve your operational and clinical efficiencies by handling your patient appointments along with follow-up reminders to ensure the best use of your time. Automated appointment reminders can be requested via telephone, SMS, and email messaging.

By leaving your patient schedules and appointment reminders with us, you’ll find improved patient care and satisfaction as well as lower no-show rates which will raise your return on investment.

Insurance Verification

Another time-consuming requirement for busy offices is verifying insurance. Although a necessary procedure for every doctor’s office, it takes time away from your patients for in-house staff to spend time with insurance companies confirming insurance eligibility for new and existing patients. At Dr.’s Billing & Collections, Inc., we can verify insurance for you and more. 


Determining Patient Eligibility & Benefits:

With Dr.’s Billing & Collections, Inc., we will check that each patient’s insurance policy is valid and up-to-date. We will also let your office know what type of insurance coverage a patient falls under, and what will be paid on a prescribed service or medical procedure prior to the appointment.

Not only will your patients appreciate not being stuck with an enormous bill, but also solid insurance verification will help drive revenue into the practice with filled schedules.

Determining and Collecting Co-Pays

Co-pays can add up to about one-fifth of a private practice’s income, but it can be tricky determining the right amount and the best way to collect them. We will contact the insurance companies to determine accurate co-pays are collected for each patient and procedure performed.

Set Up Initial Intake Record

Working with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), we will set up new patient records with insurance information and maintain the patient accounts with full transparency, including the following services.

  • Payment Postings: We will post payments received to patient accounts (line item application allowing tracking of CPT reimbursement history). We also will post adjustments according to provider's Managed Care contract profiles, monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy as outlined above.
  • Monthly Statements:


Closing Reports: Comprehensive monthly closing reports will include a summary of charges, receipts, adjustments, and refunds by doctors, payers and/or practice location. A detailed payment summary will also be included, outlining aged receivables by patients, payers, and insurance companies with them listed by the service date or dates posted. Procedure productivity reports also will be added, as will as true reimbursement by contract and CPT.