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A medical billing outsource is a very strategic way in dealing with any problems or complexities within your medical practice. Successful billing and practice management starts at the entry point. We use automated integration to transfer your billing information to our system. In result, there’s no data entry errors, fast claim submissions, and the elimination of the time-consuming manual data entry. The following lists common questions and answers that are frequently asked by clients. Because we are a medical billing outsource and medical billing outsource.

Medical Billing & Credentialing Solutions

The following services comprise our all-inclusive, no-extra-fees package:

  • DAILY BILLING (Within 24-48 Hours of Receipt)
  • PATIENT STATEMENTS MAILED (Postage & Envelopes Included)
  • OBTAIN REIMBURSEMENTS WITHIN 14-21 DAYS (When Transmitted Electronically)
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When you become our client, you will be charged on a contingency fee basis.

If you choose our full-service billing, our fee will range between 5% – 10%. The total amount of your fee will depend on several factors: your medical specialty, the payer mix, and the revenue of your practice. Fees may be even less for those specialty groups that are larger in size.

Our fees for back-end billing range from 3% to 10%. This fee depends on the type of billing required as well as the amount of billing required. We will discuss your practice’s specific needs and follow-up with a written customized quote. We are a medical billing company usa, medical billing company in texas, and medical billing service providers with medical billing services cost. The services are medical billing services companies, medical billing services west palm beach, and medical billing services jacksonville fl. This includes medical billing services usa, and medical billing and coding.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections has been successful in increasing revenues for most of our medical practice clients from 50% – 70%. Included in this is the cost of our service, the direct savings from lowered expenses related to your previous billing methods (including salaries for employees and telephone charges, etc.). Of course, it also includes increased net cash deposits on a monthly basis.

We will also review and submit monthly provider reports. Dr.’s Billing & Collections has already developed a wide range of customized reports which we make available to our clients. We provide medical billing and coding, medical bill collection agency, medical billing and collection companies, and medical billing agency. Our credentialing solutions, insurance verification, and medical billing service near me with mental health billing services, billing solutions, and healthcare billing solutions.

We practice full compliance with all HIPAA standards and requirements. We provide insurance verification companies, insurance verification company, and insurance verification services. There’s also medical billing and collection services, billing solutions company, medical collection with medical debt collection. Our collection agency medical, medical bill collection agency because we are best collection agencies.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections always sends payments directly to our clients’ practices, or to a lock box of your designation. Checks are never sent to us. It is wise to be skeptical of any medical billing company that demands payments go to them. A copy or original of the EOB is all we need to properly credit the account. We have open practice solutions, medical debt collection agencies, and medical collection agencies near me. There are medical collection companies, medical revenue service collection agency with medical revenue services collection agency. Then your medical payment data collections, accounts receivable collection agency, and medical billing solutions.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections serves practices of all sizes. We have clients that are large, hospital-based group practices as well as solo medical practices. Whatever the size of your practice, our team of experienced medical billing professionals will provide the customer support and service your practice demands. There’s advanced md, healthcare collections agency, medical collection agency, and medical collection service. Then you have healthcare debt recovery services, healthcare debt collection, medical debt collection companies, and collection agency for medical offices. We provide health care collection agency, medical bills collections, medical debt collection, collection of accounts receivable with collection agency medical.

We are proud of the exceptional service we provide all of our clients. Our dedicated account managers assure individualized service customized to your specific needs. Your account executive will handle all areas of your medical billing process, which include: claim submission, entering of charges, patient mailing statement, billing follow-up, and providing assistance to patients in answering questions. Your dedicated representative also serves as liaison between your medical practice and Dr.’s Billing & Collections. We are a national collections agency, medical debt collection agencies, medical collection agencies near me, and national collection services. This includes medical collections company, medical billing company near me, practice management system, and dermatology medical billing. We provide physician billing services, revenue cycle management company, and medical billing company services.

In order to efficiently and accurately expedite the process, Dr.’s Billing & Collections will design a “superbill” for your practice, or we can directly work with your existing bill. It will take no more than 30 seconds, you will have the ability to deliver the information necessary for us to submit your claims properly. We ask that for patients with a change in demographic or insurance information, or for new patients, all we need is a copy of their insurance cards and registration sheet. We have medical billing in florida, medical billing company florida, medicare billing companies, and medical billing services in florida. Then you have medical billing for private practice, medical billing miami, medical billing for mental health services, and medical billing companies miami. Some clients choose health insurance billing services, best credentialing companies, ic systems collections, medical revenue service, medical billing outsourcing, outsource medical billing, and medical billing tampa.

We provide a toll-free phone number which is printed on all statements that your patients will receive. Their dedicated account manager is appointed to answer all of the patient’s billing questions. We have medicaid billing services, telemedicine platform with a medical billing outsource. Our practice management system, practice management dental, and practice management dentistry. Then we provide practice management healthcare, practice management company, practice management services, and practice management optometry.

In what way does Dr.’s Billing & Collections make sure we are paid according to the contracted rates by Managed Care plans?
One of the most crucial aspects of the follow-up on accounts receivable is the manner in which a medical billing service makes sure that physicians are paid according to Managed Care plans’ contracted rates. Constantly being underpaid or receiving payments that do not match the contracted rates can drastically affect your revenues and your patients’ balances.
Dr.’s Billing & Collections has made it our policy to include copies of the contracts and associated fee schedules amongst the documents we request when we set up your account. We then update the profiles in our system for every one of these contracts.
When payments are posted, Dr.’s Billing & Collections we track the reimbursements expected and file appeals for any denials or underpayments. Your Managed Care representative will then be contacted directly by us as necessary to work on resolving any discrepancies.
At Dr.’s Billing & Collections, we make it a priority to inform you of any and all problems that may arise in this regard, and let you know how we are working to resolve them. We have practice management companies healthcare, medical credentialing services, and medical credentialing specialist because of medical credentialing companies. We assist you with medical billing and credentialing services, medical credentialing services near me, and medical billing credentialing. Then medical insurance credentialing services, medical insurance credentialing, and healthcare vendor credentialing.
Dr.’s Billing and Collection Services, Inc. use a variety of the following reports available report back on the status of client accounts:
  • The standard report package includes comprehensive monthly closing reports that confirm productivity such as the amount of charges, insurance payments, patient payments, and aged receivables.
  • Practice-specific reports are usually available on request, as well, and can greatly enhance your ability to make fiscally responsible business decisions. The medical billing and credentialing, medical credentialing organizations, medical credentialing agencies. Then the medical credentialing companies with the practice management medical and medical practice management resources. This includes medical practice management services, and medical billing credentialing specialist.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections is not a collection agency. We have built our success by targeting precise medical billing and careful follow-up. We diligently track unpaid insurance claims and pursue them until paid in full. Dr.’s Billing & Collections will send three consecutive statements to patients who remain delinquent. When there is no response after the third statement, we send a strong 10-day notification letter. We then give you the option to make a decision as to how you want to proceed with collection techniques. Such collections approaches could include hiring an outside collection agent or to write the delinquent account off as a bad debt. We offer medical credentialing, practice management software medical, and credentialing service. Our national medical billing services, medical coding and billing companies with top medical billing companies. Our company has medical billing office near me, and medical billing company in usa.

The medical billing process at Dr.’s Billing & Collections includes sending sequential billing statements to patients on payment plans for however long it takes, provided that there is sufficient activity on the account. facturación médica, facturacion medica, facturación médica y codificación, facturación médica online, facturacion y codificacion medica que es, facturacion medica que es, facturacion medica puerto rico.

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