Fort Lauderdale Medical Billing and Collection Services

Fort Lauderdale Medical Billing and Fort Lauderdale Collection Services 

At Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services is the most innovative way of keeping your medical business afloat in a fast paced environment where keeping up might be difficult. If you need professional doctor medical billing services or collection services in Fort Lauderale FL we know the time and effort that goes into billing clients and keeping track of your account. We have designed a range of services that are guaranteed to help you to keep things balanced. Since 1993, we have been the backbone of many medical companies that need expert services when it comes to medical billings and collection. As a full service company, we also offer insurance verification, appointment setting, bookkeeping and all other related services. fort lauderdale collection services and fort lauderdale medical billing

What Do We Offer to Clients?

fort lauderdale medical billing collection services

Dr's Billing and Collection Service

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services offers a wide range of doctors billing services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Guaranteed to make you relax while we handle your financial affairs. If you own or operate a medical business, a hospital or medical complex, you are bound to benefit from a number of our services. Some of which include:

Appointment Setting: Sometimes in the medical profession, focusing on the service you're offering limits the time you would need to schedule appointments and follow ups. As one of the most reliable general medicine billing and collection Fort Lauderdale we keep your appointments intact.

Payroll and Accounting: This is a time consuming task that is absolutely necessary to keep both you and your staff up to date in terms of payments. We find the right strategies necessary to keep your business running smoothly and to help you avoid late or missed payments. 

Insurance and Facility Credentialing : This is one way you can remain compliant and establish better relationships with insurance companies. We manage your enrollment with insurance companies which can facilitate the growth of your clientele.

Medical Coding Consultations and Training: Our staff is highly trained when it comes to medical coding. This makes understanding charts in terms of insurance claims much easier. Reports are accurate, allowing the incoming payments to flow without delay. If you need to ensure that your business saves money while collecting debt owed or to keep your accounts up to date. Contact the number one medical claims billing service in fort lauderdale medical billing. We have had years of experience and is committed to each and every one of our clients. Find out how the best complete medical billing service Fort Lauderdale FL has ever seen can personalize the services that we offer to your business. Start keeping your business up to date and free from backlogs.