About Us

Established in 1993, Dr.’s Billing & Collections has provided professional medical billing services to hospitals and physicians throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Currently, we provide medical billing and health information management services including medical transcription, data tracking, individual and group medical billing, medical coding, payroll services, computer networking, general and advanced bookkeeping, group formation, contract analysis and more. With two decades in the medical billing business, we have developed an all-inclusive package of services which work together to achieve one common goal: dramatically improving your cash flow.

We have provided medical billing services to healthcare practitioners in many fields of medicine including General Surgery, Family Practice, Pain Management, Cardiovascular Surgery, Physical Therapy, ENT and LCSW, Cardiology, Plastic/Craniofacial/Reconstructive Surgery, Psychiatry and Mental Health, as well as Pediatrics, among others. Working with this wide array of medical professionals has in turn broadened our field of experience. Each medical specialty has its own intricacies and demands in the realm of financial management. We customize our medical billing services to meet the specific needs of your medical practice.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections is a licensed and bonded medical billing corporation in the State of Florida. We are proud members of the American Medical Biller’s Association (AMBA), the Florida Collector Association (FCA), Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (FLCC), as well as the South Florida Chamber of Commerce (SFCC). We hold ourselves to the highest standard, and meet all HIPAA standards and requirements.

In order to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare industry, Dr.’s Billing & Collections has developed a wide array of services for our clients. Medical billing services are just one sector of what we have to offer. We protect the best interests of our clients with complete financial management of your medical practice, from employee payroll management to risk management and even re-negotiation of insurance contracts. The account executives at Dr.’s Billing & Collections approach the financial management of your medical practice from every angle, taking the fiscal responsibilities off your shoulders so you can do what you do best, delivering quality healthcare services to your patients.

The professionals at Dr.’s Billing & Collections do much more than just processing of your medical claims. Our decades of health information management experience ensure that we can detect and correct any problems in your office in regard to proper preparation and delivery of medical billing data. We even work with your office personnel to educate them on every aspect of their part in the billing process, minimizing mistakes and streamlining the entire financial flow of your office.

Dr.’s Billing & Collections will also keep physicians abreast of any and all HCFA requirements, CPT and ICD-9 coding. Managing your regulatory requirements can directly impact your reimbursement rate. Therefore, we make it our business to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to increase your revenue. We also work toward higher revenue generation by re-negotiating your current insurance contract or adding you as a participating provider to another insurance company. You can rest assured that no matter how hectic your office becomes, the medical billing experts at Dr.’s Billing & Collections are keeping a close eye on the financial department of your medical practice. Our success depends on your success. Consider Dr.’s Billing & Collections a remote extension of your own trusted staff.